VOIP For Business

The days of traditional telephones are slowly moving out of the scene to be replaced by VoIP (Voice over the Internet Protocol) by owners of both small and big businesses. The huge costs involved in making an interstate or overseas call via the traditional phone is the main factor that leads to this change. When using VoIP for making calls, you only need to make a one time investment in purchasing VoIP enabled phones, as this system uses the internet for initiating calls. As all businesses have access to the internet, they can use the same connection for outgoing and incoming calls. One can further reduce the costs involved in purchasing special phones required for making such calls by opting for hosted voip solutions.

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What are the advantages of such a system?

There are many advantages of opting for this system, of which, the prime reason is that the business owner needs not replace his existing phones. One should note that most modern generation phones are VoIP enabled. The VoIP provider provides the services, servers, and equipment. This system takes care of managing the calls as well as routing them from and to the existing equipment and telephony system of the subscriber. As mentioned above, the VoIP system is less expensive because it requires minimum equipment and the call rates are much less. If you have several telephones in your office and want to connect all of them to each other to permit one person in the office to talk with the other, you will require a costly PBX system. This is not the case with the hosted VoIP, as the service provider bears the expenses of the hosted PBX.

Additional advantages

You only need a high speed broadband connection to the net and VoIP enabled phones to use this system. The decision of combining hosted PBX with VoIP phones makes the hosted solution much more practical and feature rich. Another advantage is that you can connect your local office with those located in different parts of the country and overseas as well with this method. As this system is cloud based, you can avail of all the facilities that come with this system. This method works perfectly and seamlessly irrespective of the number of lines connected to it. You can also add more phones to the existing plan without additional expenses. The biggest advantage of hosted VoIP solutions is that you can send and receive data through it too.